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Founder Buddies

Enhance Your University's Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Join our pioneering pilot program, specifically designed to amplify the effectiveness of university entrepreneurial initiatives. At Founder Buddies, we recognize the unique potential of female entrepreneurs in academic settings. This pilot is created to foster cross-university collaboration, allowing participants from different institutions to connect, share insights, and expand their networks.

Cohort Experience: Launching our unique pilot program, we aim to connect female entrepreneurs across various universities, fostering an inter-university network that enhances their entrepreneurial initiatives.

Collaborative Engagement: Participants will engage in cross-university collaborations, enabling them to share ideas, resources, and strategies. This program is designed to make the most of the diverse experiences and perspectives that different institutions bring.

Expand Academic Networks: Encourage your students to join this pilot program to not only enhance their own entrepreneurial skills but also to help them build strategic connections across academic and startup environments.

What We Offer:

Innovative Collaboration: Facilitate innovative collaborations among female entrepreneurs from diverse academic backgrounds, enriching their learning experience and fostering a broader perspective on entrepreneurship.

Supportive Academic Community: Create a supportive community that extends beyond university walls, offering students a platform to challenge the conventional and explore new entrepreneurial territories.